4 Easy steps to improve customer loyalty

Have you ever wondered why you see some customers once every few months? How do you make your occasional visitor a regular and make a first-time visitor tell their friends and family about your venue?  Let us understand how you can go about exceeding customer expectations in and thereby increase customer loyalty with these useful tips. Most of which will […]

Want to increase your gaming revenue by 22% when venues reopen?

Are you thinking of refreshing your gaming floor but can’t afford it? Did you know that a refreshed gaming room can drive an average 22% increase in revenue within 12 months? Let’s have a look at your current gaming room and see if it needs any improvements. When was the last time it was refreshed? Have […]

Why you need privacy screens for your venue

The design of a gaming room is essential in achieving increased gaming revenue and profit. Decorative privacy screens play a major part in a well design gaming area. Choosing the right gaming screens for your venue all depends on what you are trying to achieve. The three main reasons a venue require privacy screens are […]