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EGM bases.

Visually appealing and practical EGM bases to optimise your gaming floor.

Our EGM bases are made to meet venue requirements. We have an experienced team ready to customise solutions for your venue with an array of colours and finishes to suit your venue fitout.

Multi-terminal Infills.

Infills are customised to suit either a straight or faceted curved orientation.

We are a world leader in gaming manufacturing delivering superior custom electronic gaming table infills. We design and manufacture to your unique venue requirements to ensure a streamlined look and feel.

Electronic Gaming Table Infills
sydney based poker machine manufacturer | Industric Gaming Solutions


Gaming screens and partition walls custom made for your venue.

Our custom joinery capabilities extend to screens and partitions in timber, acrylic or aluminium. We make visually inviting screens to compliment venue decor and create them to exact venue requirements.

TAB joinery.

We design and build custom joinery tailor made to suit your unique TAB requirements.

We have an experienced team that can fitout your venue with functional and custom solutions using a wide variety of materials and finishes.

TAB Joinery for Clubs and Hotels

Bespoke joinery.

We have over a decade of experience delivering high quality custom joinery for our clients.

Our skilled team include highly trained and qualified cabinet makers, welders, CNC operators and builders who work with plastic, metal & timber.

LED displays.

Harness LED technology to engage your gaming patrons.

Movement, light and colour brings displays to life. Transform any wall, ceiling or hanging structure into a seamless screen. We can create integrated led screens from half a meter in size to hundreds of meters.

poker machine bases for gaming Venues

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