Case study

Cabra-Vale Diggers Club

Canley Vale, NSW
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Multi-terminal infills

Venue and problems:

Cabra-Vale Diggers Club has a rich history and a culturally diverse membership. They aim to attract and entertain their local community and are committed to ensuring that every visit is a memorable experience. The club has over 50 multi-terminal gaming machines (MTGM) across 3 areas of their gaming area. Due to COVID-19, they were required make adjustments in the distancing between the original banks of 5 to meet social distancing requirements, all without turning any of the units off. Initially, the venue used 50mm square conduit to shield the cables between the units and then covered this with hazard tape for safety. This was not a suitable long-term solution for the venue, so they sought to find an alternate.


The MTGM infills supplied by Industric Gaming provided an ideal solution for Cabra-Vale Diggers Club. The infills provided by Industric can be installed between terminals without disrupting the layout and abating the need to disconnect and reconnect the cabling between units. Initially, the Industric team installed 1 MTGM infill to gauge staff and customer satisfaction. Both customers and senior management saw immediate benefit from the installation. The customers found great convenience in the use of the machines with increased bench space, while the staff noted work health and safety issues instantly amended. Cabra-Vale Diggers Club undertook gaming floor design modifications to assist with the new MTGM infill install. Industric installed the remaining 52 units over 2 mornings. This involved removing all the existing infills and conduit to assemble the MTGM infills in a functional layout and to improve the aesthetics of the MTGM gaming areas.

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