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Scots Club

Arncliffe, NSW
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Venue and problems:

Scots is a long-standing club that have been evolving into a stylish new location for Sydney siders. Part of their long awaited refurbishment was the revamp of their gaming room. Their old gaming room was very traditional, lacking comfort and appeal. It felt closed off from the rest of the venue and the bases were in a poor state of repair and even the flooring was uneven. The dark interiors were adding to the lack lustre feel. With the introduction government regulations on social distance due to COVID-19 and the need to bring the gaming room up to speed with the rest of the site renovations – it was time to refresh their gaming space!


The gaming room received a complete face-lift. The design and layout were finalised, ensuring the new plan was optimal for gaming room success but to also ensuring the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines were adhered to. The old, tired EGM bases and infills were thrown out and replaced with sturdy and functional Industric alternates. In preparation for the new poker machine bases and infills to be installed the flooring of the venue was also levelled to provide a solid platform to secure the bases. New decorative privacy screens were also installed and secured to the new flooring to provide a visually appealing solution to gaming privacy. In total 40 Bases, 23 infills and 6 decorative screens were installed into the gaming room, producing a fresh and engaging gaming space for the Scots customers.


The upgrades made to the Scot’s gaming room have had a positive impact on the success for the venue.
  • Customer were given greater access to the gaming products, which has increased the number of players to the venue each day.
  • Player comfort has been significantly increased and as a result, players are staying for the longer in the venue, positively impacting the revenue for the entire club.
  • The introduction of decorative screens has increased the level of privacy for patrons, while also acting as attractive visual features in the room.
  • Aesthetically, the gaming room now reflects the level of refinement achieved by the refurbishments in the rest of the venue.
  • The gaming room refurbishment has increased gaming turnover by 10%.


The Industric team have transformed our tired old gaming room into a highly functional gaming space, increasing our gaming turnover by 10%! Aesthetically, the gaming room now reflects the level of refinement achieved by the refurbishments in the rest of the venue.
Rob | Scots Club

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