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Your gaming room design is the driver for success. Successful design will drive revenue and increase profits.
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Gaming Room Design

What we offer.

Optimising your gaming room requires knowledge and experience to achieve success.

Full-Service Project Management

From product conception to room design and manufacture, we ensure you have full support throughout the entire process with dedicated project managers assigned to each project. We will manage and direct all contractors, becoming your one point of contact for the entire refurbishment.

3D Digital Floor Plan Modelling

3D modelling provides you with superior vision of the finished product; view entry points, circulation routes, machine bank location and make modifications prior to installation. This ensures the design chosen is optimised, avoiding costly changes and regrets.

Interactive Décor Modelling

View and instantly modify colour choices and material selection of every aspect of your gaming room design through the use of interactive modelling. Examine how certain décor selections work in your space allowing for ultimate project versatility and control.

Optimising your gaming room design

Trust the experienced.

Optimising your gaming design requires knowledge and experience to achieve success. We have the knowledge and experience to make this happen in your venue.

Our team of designers, project managers and cabinet makers have over combined 40+ years of  industry experience. We have worked with large clubs to small rural pubs; we know what works for venues of all sizes. 


What's required?

Design, plan & excute.

Gaming room design is more than just room decor; it entails all environmental aspects including:

Floor plan layout

Unified gaming floor design for effective use of space.

Circulation routes

Clear primary and secondary circulation routes.

Room entry points

Rooms should offer direct, yet discreet room access.

EGM bank layouts

Discover optimal bank configuration and location.

Lighting & décor

Strong design to attract and entice gaming customers.


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